BLDC Motors take LiDar Drones to New Heights

Admin    April 12, 2018

The face of modern surveying is changing. In addition to using satellites and traditional surveying equipment such as retroreflectors and optical levels, specialists use remote sensing and UAV technologies to scan the Earth’s surface. One of these technologies is Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDar. Specialists perform the sensing method remotely to examine the planet’s surface using light pulses. The instrument contains a scanner, laser and a special GPS receiver. Rather than use an airplane or helicopter, scientists are taking advantage of drone technologies imbedded with BLDC motors to keep the aircraft aloft and powered to keep costs significantly lower….


Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Industry Continues Growth Through 2020

Admin    March 16, 2018

The brushless DC motor industry is hot and expected to get hotter into 2020. Many manufacturers prefer BLDC motors for a variety of applications because of their greater efficiency, lower maintenance and high torque. Since their inception, the motors have experienced remarkable growth. Brushless DC motor manufacturers can look forward to a compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, of nearly 13 percent, which will bring the industry $49.28 billion (USD) by 2021. Top Revenue-Generating End-User Segments in the Global Brushless DC Motor Market Automotive Driving the growth of custom BLDC motors is the evolving electric vehicle industry, which has been…


BLDC Motors Suited for Manufacturing Applications

Sinotech    January 26, 2015

BLDC motor suppliers take advantage of the fact that BLDC motors use electronic commutation instead of brushes for commutation, making them ideally suited for manufacturing applications. The motors work well for actuation or positioning systems, as well as motion control, because of the benefits offered, such as wide speed ranges and high efficiencies.


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