Commutators are offered in a wide range of styles at the world’s lowest prices. They are directly competitive with those made by Kirkwood, Morganite and Resinoid and include:

  • Molded Shell Commutatorscommutator
  • Expanded Tang Commutators
  • Large Shell Air Gap Commutators
  • Industrial Steel Core Commutators
  • Mica Commutators

Components are produced to the highest standards at our QS9000 certified factory. Sinotech’ commutators are particularly well suited to automotive applications and QS9000 documentation can be provided.

Cores are molded with various grades of high strength fiberglass reinforced phenolic compounds, which are engineered in-house and then compounded by phenolic suppliers such as Sumitomo and Matsushita. Anchoring lugs and connection tangs are punched and rolled from a single copper strip using a progressive die punch press.

Molded air gap commutators are produced on automated lines for consistent quality and all parts are 100% visually inspected and then undergo 100% electrical breakdown testing prior to shipping. Parts are spin tested to assure high endurance under the most demanding conditions. Brass inserts can be provided for use with knurled shafts. Commutators are produced from oxygen-free high conductivity copper containing 10 or more troy ounces of silver per ton. Other alloys and plating can be provided.

Other Motor Components

Sinotech provides many other motor components including magnets (ceramic and neodymium), motor shafts, carbon brushes, lamination stacks and various cast, stamped, and forged metal parts. We also provide injection molded plastics, assembly services, and completely assembled motors.



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