Sinotech cuts through the red tape of offshore manufacturing to provide easy access to the best factories in the Pacific Rim. We work with medium- and large-sized enterprises seeking to outsource production of custom-engineered electrical motors and mechanical components, including brushless DC motors, AC gear motors and progressive die stamping.Although we deliver high-quality mechanical parts and assemblies for our clients, we don’t stock any products or sell mass-produced parts for distribution. Instead, organizations bring their original designs to us, and we source the manufacturing overseas. With more than two decades of experience in international manufacturing – plus offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Tianjin – Sinotech takes the headaches out of global outsourcing. Here’s how:

  • We hand-pick the best factories for each client’s needs and personally supervise all tooling and production onsite to guarantee a top-notch finished product.
  • Our expert bilingual and bicultural staff handles all communications with factory managers and engineers to ensure your needs are accurately conveyed.
  • As an American company, we operate under U.S. law and on U.S. time – a benefit you won’t receive working directly with factories overseas.
  • We provide product liability insurance to minimize your risk and work around the clock to resolve any concerns with your shipment.
  • Our holistic approach to outsourcing allows you to get all of your custom mechanical parts from one vendor, so you know who to call if there’s an issue.

In addition to supplying a wide range of custom motors and parts, we offer the following services:

Cost Reduction

If you’ve got a design for a new product, or you want to cut costs on an existing product, bring your plans to us and we’ll find a way to save you money. Our engineers can help you select the most efficient motor for your design and pinpoint areas where outsourcing low-cost components can provide the greatest savings.


With Sinotech as your manufacturing consultant, you’ll have the skills of our entire team at your disposal. Our engineers are experts in international manufacturing and can review your project for completeness, identify potential issues and develop a detailed quality control plan. We’ll even help you design your custom part, custom motor, or choose the right off-the-shelf solutions for your project.


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