armarutes-and-field coilsSinotech can ensure excellent quality armatures and field coils from China, Taiwan and Korea and is very price competitive. Sinotech is dedicated to delivering armatures from China, Taiwan and Korea to you at lower prices but the same quality, service and terms as a domestic supplier.

Along with its intelligent manufacturing processes, Sinotech’s facilities in China provide low cost solutions for winding with a variety of customer requirements on precision, compaction, complication and sophistication.

armaturesSinotech is truly one of the few remaining totally integrated suppliers of specialty custom windings in the electromechanical motor and gyro industries. All laminations are stacked using critically designed stacking tools and fixtures. This is one of our specialties and the heart of our business.

Our superior machining capabilities enable us to commonly manufacture to .0003″ tolerances total on O.D.’s and I.D.’s. If the application demands, closer tolerances can be obtained. Sinotech builds custom bobbin windings which employ unique transfer molding technology for high dielectric requirements up to 1,500 volts.

Method of Winding

  • Skein Wound – Hand Inserted
  • Machine Wound – Internal & External Tooth
  • Fractional Insertion
  • Symmetrical Insertion
  • Wave Insertion
  • Lap Winding
  • Concentric Winding

Types of Magnet Wire / Insulation

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Round & Shaped
  • Solderable
  • Pyre ML
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyester-Imide
  • Polyester-Amide-Imide
  • Polyimide

Related Capabilities

  • Vacuum Impregnation
  • Potting
  • Transfer Molding
  • In-house Mold Making
  • Electrostatic Fluidizing
  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • CNC Machining

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