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Custom Engineered Motors, Motor Components & Mechanical Parts

You’re an innovator who needs high-quality custom motor components or mechanical parts. You also want to minimize your risks while navigating the challenges of offshore production. Sinotech is your U.S.-based partner that is dedicated to your application’s success.

Helping mid- and large-sized companies bring their ideas to life for more than 20 years, Sinotech walks you through each step of the process, from design to logistical support. Our in-house engineers and manufacturing specialists manage the entire production cycle so you can focus on what you do best. Our experience and expertise in international manufacturing sets you up for success by helping you avoid the pitfalls of Pacific Rim sourcing while saving you money.

Products Sinotech will help you design and customize include:


Custom Motors & Motor Components

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    • AC Motors: Electric motor with wound stators and rotor assemblies
    • DC Motors: Motors designed with custom windings, shafts, and IP ratings for your specific application
    • Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors: Resilient, efficient motors that may not require gearboxes, require less maintenance, remain cooler, and have a longer lifespan than their brushed counterparts
    • Slotless High Speed BLDC Motors: Reliable motors with Hall Effect sensors and embedded controllers; great for compact designs
    • Stepper Motors: A motor that divides a full rotation into an equal number of steps; you may hold or move the motor at any step without a position sensor
    • Coreless Motors: Motors with an ironless core featuring high efficiencies, low inertia, and rapid acceleration and deceleration
    • Gearmotors: A motor and speed reducer within an assembly
    • Servo Motors: A rotary or linear actuator that provides precise control of positioning, velocity and acceleration in closed-loop systems
    • Miniature Motors: Custom-made motors for small-sized applications

Motor Components

      • Laminations: Motor laminations made of the best alloys for your custom motor’s unique needs
      • Wound Coils: Affordable solutions for windings and winding methods
      • Armatures and Field Coils: Specialty custom windings made with intelligent manufacturing processes
      • Brushes: A comprehensive line of affordable graphite and copper brushes
      • Commutators: Custom rotary electrical switches for electric motors and generators

Mechanical Parts

      • Assemblies: Sinotech hand-selects the best vendors for components and assemblies in its own factories to eliminate the risks of working separately with subcontractors
      • Die Castings: Metal alloys injected into a mold under high pressure to create a variety of components with great surface finishes and dimensional accuracy
      • Investment Castings: Perfect for complex parts in sensitive applications
      • Sand Castings: Great for small or medium parts made of low-temperature alloys, as well as limited-production parts and prototypes
      • Shafts: All configurations including helical shafts, round cross-section shafts, splined shafts, square and rectangular shafts, cam shafts, D-shaped key end shafts, stepped shafts, slotted end shafts, helical shafts and geared shafts
      • Stamped Metal Parts: High-quality, affordable metal stamping services ideal for mass production processes and quick prototypes
      • Tubular Metal Parts: A comprehensive range of automotive and industrial tubing made to your specifications
      • Machined Extrusions: Ideal for symmetrical parts with the same surface finish and dimensional accuracy as machined parts
      • Plastic Parts: Injection-molded components that have simple or intricate, complex shapes
      • Rubber Parts: Molded rubber components made using a variety of processes with state-of-the-art equipment
      • Secondary Processing: Secondary metal processes—from burnishing to shearing—applied to metals formed in cold or hot processes

Custom Motor Components and Manufacturing Capabilities

Sinotech is your offshore manufacturing partner for mechanical components and custom-engineered electrical motors. Rather than mass-produce parts for distribution, we use your original designs to meet your precise needs and specifications.

Our specialists scout the best factories, as well as supervise tooling and production in person to guarantee a high-quality finished product. Bilingual and bicultural staff members maintain constant communications with overseas factory personnel to ensure they understand your need. Because Sinotech is based in the United States, we operate in your time zone and under U.S. law.

As a full-service operation, Sinotech gladly offers consulting services with engineers who are international-manufacturing experts. They’ll review your ideas, help you overcome potential problems, assist with the selection of the best solutions for your applications, and draft a quality control plan that saves you money.

Why Choose Sinotech

Sinotech’s goals are to deliver quality custom components in a manner that’s cost-effective, whether you’re working on a new project or improving an existing one. Because we are a full-service operation, you only have to make one call for all your needs rather than juggle multiple vendors. Since our specialists are all on the same team, they work together to reduce risks and prevent expensive mistakes.

Contact Sinotech today to learn more about how our processes save time and money or request a quote.


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