Sinotech offers a full line of graphite brushes at world-class prices. Sinotech graphite brushes are individually molded and ground to exacting specifications in our highly automated factory.

Technical and Commercial Considerations Since motor characteristics affect the compounding of the graphite, these brushes are typically tested in an actual motor. If an existing brush is being replaced the brush is analyzed for its hardness, density and bulk resistivity. Then the operating voltage, current, RPMs and torque are measured under conditions of no load, rated load, and locked rotor. Finally, the Sinotech brush is substituted and all of these parameters are checked. The brush composition is adjusted so that all motor operating parameters match.

In addition to graphite brushes, copper graphite brushes are available. These are used in high volume automotive applications such as wiper motors, engine cooling fans and in consumer products such as battery powered tools. In keeping with the Green Initiative, lead-free brushes are available.

Other Motor Components

Sinotech provides many other motor components including magnets (ceramic and neodymium), motor shafts, commutators, lamination stacks and various cast, stamped, and forged metal parts. We also provide injection molded plastics, assembly services, and completely assembled motors.

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