When it comes to embedded logic motors, Sinotech is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom logic circuits. Rather than placing custom logic circuits on nearby modules, we can embed them directly inside BLDC motors. With our wide range of customizable BLDC motors, and our extensive experience in embedding logic in motors, we can offer clients turnkey brushless DC solutions. Contact us today to learn how our motor consultants can design the perfect BLDC motor(s) for your needs.

Brushless DC Motors: Benefits of Embedding Custom Logic

Locating logic circuits inside the case of the motor offers several advantages:

  • Minimizes complex interconnecting cables between motors and motherboards.
  • Reduces overall system complexity.
  • Facilitates distribution of processing among several motors.
  • Decreased system cost.

BLDC motors are perfectly suited to embedded logic technology. Unlike traditional DC motors with brushes, which use a commutator and cycling brushes to shift the motor s magnetic field, brushless DC (BLDC) motors accomplish the same task electronically. As such, BLDC motors electronics must be able to adjust motor windings according to information about the positioning of the motor shaft. Switching devices such as IGFETs switch BLDC motor windings off and on to facilitate custom electronically driven commutation.

Applications of BLDC Embedded Logic Motors

Many different fields can benefit from the use of BLDC motors with embedded logic:

  • Industrial/manufacturing control
  • Control of medical processes
  • HVAC uses
  • Automation of office procedures

When designing an embedded logic BLDC motor, you could work directly with Pacific Rim factories, or with a broker. Instead, we recommend working with a full-service provider like Sinotech after comparing the difference between these motor manufacturing options you ll appreciate that a full-service provider can achieve superior quality control, price, customs clearance, and more.

Placing a Custom Logic Board in a BLDC Motor

Embedded Logic BLDC motor

Driver board on top and Hall Effect Sensor Board on Bottom

Inside the motor tube of a typical BLDC motor, two doughnut shaped circular circuit boards are stacked closely together, with connecting headers between them. The motor’s shaft passes through the hole in the middle. The position of the shaft is detected by three Hall Effect sensors; these sensors may be on their own board, or they may be combined into the board containing motor driver circuits.

The connections within an embedded BLDC motor driver board will include a DC voltage supply, power grounding, connections to Hall Effect sensors, and phase windings. Additional elective connections include options for 5-volt DC output, start/stop, analog speed control, operation direction, and pulsed speed output.

With all those connections, there is very limited room available for adding a third board for custom logic control. This embedded logic board usually includes a few support chips as well as a microcontroller. Motor engineers must have a strong understanding of the overall system, as well as how to select elements that will fit within limited board space.

With knowledge of available board space, the designer can wisely select components at the prototype stage for use in production. Below, we list a few of the considerations Sinotech experts and in-house motor designers must take into account when designing a custom logic board for a BLDC motor:

BLDC Embedded Logic Motor Design Considerations

  • Input and output specifications.
  • Location where board will be placed, so as to account for thermal conditions, requisite connections to other boards, operation heat rise of motor and board, etc.
  • Motor cabling set up, which impacts input/output specs. In a daisy chain cabling setup, for instance, interconnected motors in a series will need wires for connecting to other motors, as well as power connections and cables to outside switches and sensors.

In order to facilitate a third motor board, the overall length of the motor barrel may require extension. This typically requires a custom motor design, which not every motor manufacturer is willing or able to provide. Additional pins are usually required as well. For these reasons, custom motor design may be required when adding custom logic.

A high level of complexity is involved in designing and manufacturing custom logic BLDC motors. To avoid costly factory mistakes, work with an experienced, full-service motor specialist like Sinotech. We follow strict quality control guidelines and have carefully vetted every factory for compliance standards. Partner with us for embedded logic BLDC manufacturing our process, developed over the past two decades, will reduce your risk and maximize production.

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