Sinotech Custom Motors: Embedded Logic in Brushless DC Motors

Sinotech    October 23, 2013

Sinotech is happy to announce that embedded logic inside brushless DC motors is a reality. By embedding custom logic circuits inside the motor, the complexity of the system decreases along with its related costs.

How Embedded Logic Works

An embedded controller brushless DC motor used two donut-shaped circular boards. You could find the drivers on one or both of the boards along with three Hall Effect sensors sharing space on one of the boards if it doesn’t have a board of its own. The boards get stacked close together and use headers to connect them.

Benefits for BLDC Motors

Until recently, logic circuits were placed outside brushless DC motors, on modules close to the motors. With the embedded logic inside the motor case, there are fewer cabling interconnections between the motors and motherboards, as well as the opportunity for distributed processing among several motors. This capabilities offered by embedded custom logic are ideal for office automation and industrial control, HVAC and medical applications.

Implementation Considerations

embedded logic bldc motor

Driver board on top and Hall Effect Sensor Board on Bottom

When you want to use embedded logic in your own BLDC motors, someone who is familiar with the system and the implications of the limited board space should make the design, create a prototype and test it. Factors to keep in mind include the physical environment of the boards once they’re installed, the thermal conditions, motor cabling and the input/output specifications of the embedded driver. A designer may also need to lengthen the motor barrel to accommodate the embedded logic card’s thickness.

While the benefits of embedded logic are clear, not every brushless DC motor manufacturer is willing or able accommodate such a request. Sinotech is uniquely equipped to assist with your embedded custom logic needs—from the design process to the manufacturing.   Visit our website to learn more about Sinotech’s custom embedded logic process for BLDC motors.

You can read more about embedded logic in brushless DC motors in an article recently published by e-Drive Magazine, written by Sinotech president, Michael Bloom.

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