BLDC Motors Contribute to Advances in HVAC Industry

Sinotech    March 28, 2014

This Infographic examines the energy efficiency of BLDC motors and how their efficiency affects the HVAC industry. The use of brushless DC motors in the HVAC industry is a more recent development that’s gaining in popularity. In the HVAC industry, motors and reliability are the keys to energy efficiency. Sinotech produces intricate brushless DC motors for sensitive applications. We are trusted custom motor manufacturers with close ties to the best factories in the Pacific Rim and over two decades of experience. We deliver the highest quality motors at affordable costs to companies around the globe.


DIY Home Improvement: Powering Up with BLDC Motors [Infographic]

Sinotech    December 12, 2013

Thanks to brushless DC motors, tackling home improvement projects is simpler than ever. On average, over half of the adults in the U.S. tackle a DIY project each year. Because of BLDC motors, power tools have longer run times on a single battery charge, are more compact, lighter in weight, more powerful, smarter and last longer. This infographic explores trends in home improvement projects across America, the power tools used and the evolution of brushless DC motors. When you partner with Sinotech for your brushless DC motor needs you’ll reap the benefits of working with a dedicated, knowledgeable company with…


Offshore Production Pitfalls: How Full-Service Custom Motor Manufacturers Reduce Your Risks [Infographic]

Sinotech    September 23, 2013

This infographic by Sinotech illuminates the benefits of working with a full-service custom motor manufacturer, a company that provides everything from motor consultancy to offshore production. Sinotech’s engineers and manufacturing experts manage the entire production cycle onsite in the Pacific Rim, from hand-selecting just the right factory to personally supervising tooling and production.


Power Play: Radio-Controlled Models and the BLDC Motor [Infographic]

Sinotech    July 3, 2013

Gas-powered radio controlled vehicles have long been the norm among hobbyists, but advances in brushless DC motors have brought electric-powered models surging to the forefront. This Infographic explores brushless DC motor efficiencies, offers an intriguing timeline of RC vehicles and their uses, and looks at state of the model hobby industry.


4 Medical Advances Made Possible by BLDC Motors [Infographic]

Sinotech    March 26, 2013

The medical world is full of devices that wouldn’t be possible – or as effective – without the brushless DC motor.  This infographic explores four medical devices aided by the BLDC motor and explains why brushless DC motors are so effective. (Click to view image at full size)


Electric Vehicles & the Brushless DC Motor [Infographic]

Sinotech    January 4, 2013

The need for alternative-fueled vehicles has breathed new life into the design and availability of electric vehicles and the high-tech motors that power them. The following infographic explores their growth and the role the BLDC Motor has played in their development. (Click to view image at full size)  


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