Why should I use Sinotech?

  • We were established in the U.S., H.K. and China over 20 years ago.
  • You only have to make one call for customer service, project management, sales, engineering, and logistics support.
  • We provide multiple part procurement.

How would we be able to communicate our requirements to China?

  • Sinotech has staff in the U.S., H.K. and in China to make customer communications transparent.
  • Sinotech staff will manage the time zone and language differences.
  • Many Sinotech China and H.K. staff speak foreign languages.

How will I be assured that a factory in China will not copy my ideas or product?

  • Sinotech protects your IP by having factories sign NDAs.
  • Our on-site presence allows us to monitor a factory’s activities.
  • Sinotech maintains legal representation in China.

Do I need to go audit a factory?

  • Sinotech will facilitate a factory visit for you to see what is happening during the production of your project.
  • Sinotech’s experienced sourcing and audit teams routinely perform factory audits and will share our factory audit results and photos with you.

What happens if I receive a bad shipment of parts?

  • Sinotech will quickly assemble a team both in the U.S. and China to determine the root cause of the problem.
  • Sinotech will work to correct the problem and propose a solution to you.
  • Sinotech will issue a CAR and can coordinate local sorting if needed.
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