When you need a custom BLDC motor, you can count on Sinotech’s expertise. As a U.S.-based custom motor manufacturer, Sinotech operates under U.S. laws and employs stringent quality control practices to ensure the quality of the motor components you order. Unlike other companies that require you to have completed schematics before you approach them, Sinotech starts your project by helping you prepare for it. All you need to bring are your ideas. We’ll mind the details and work closely with trusted BLDC motor manufacturers on your behalf.

Industries that take advantage of the benefits that custom-designed BLDC motors offer include:

Designing Your Custom BLDC Motor

Getting Started

When you choose Sinotech, you’ll work with an in-house consultant whose expertise is in electric motors, magnetics and manufacturing. We will review any drawings you may have and learn about your concept to help you choose the best overseas factory with a QS-9000 certification.

BLDC Motor Cost Savings

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We fully vet all factories of interest in person to ensure they have that capacity and correct certifications, tools and workers. Our international engineers, inspectors and auditors speak the native languages and are well-versed in local laws and customs, placing them in optimal positions to negotiate on your behalf for the best prices and contract terms.

Monitoring and Inspections

The custom design services at Sinotech include monitoring the tooling and production processes using a qualified Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) who has hands-on experience working in a BLDC motor factory. You’ll receive updates of the progress at every stage of production. During the tooling, stage for example, we’ll verify the quality of the dies or molds used for your design. Our specialists also ensure your project is on schedule. If we encounter an issue with any of the parts during an inspection, we’ll take immediate steps to take corrective actions.

You may be as hands-on or –off as you like. As a client, you are invited to meet with your auditor in person and tour the factory developing your motor components. You will also have the opportunity to meet key personnel in the factory, review documents and certifications, examine different areas of the facility and watch the manufacturing process in action.


The Sinotech experience includes helping you determine the best packaging, transportation and storage options for your needs. Our specialists manage the customs and entry processes, as well as domestic shipping and warehousing needs.

Embedded Logic BLDC Motors

Embedded Logic BLDC motorSinotech is proud to be a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of custom logic circuits. We embed the circuits directly within our wide range of custom BLDC motor components to bring you a turnkey solution that minimizes the need to use complicated interconnecting cables, reduces system complexities, decreases system costs, and facilitates processing distribution among multiple motors.

During the design process, our engineers create and test prototypes, paying special attention to thermal conditions, input and output specifications, motor cabling, the motor barrel’s length, and the circuit board’s physical environment.

Designing a custom BLDC motor is an important investment in your operation. Hiring a full-service custom motor manufacturer like Sinotech will help you navigate the complexities of that come with working with brokers or directly with factories. This means minimizing your risks and maximizing production. Contact us today to learn how to get started with your project.

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