Brushless DC Motors in Medical Applications

Sinotech    January 22, 2013

BLDC MotorAs the medical industry advances, so does the brushless DC motor. While connected to a DC power source, BLDC motors don’t have windings attached to the rotating shaft or armature, because this is where the magnets are. While the features brushless DC motor manufacturers integrate may seem insignificant to the lay person, the consequential benefits have helped revolutionize the medical industry.

Medical Applications that Use a Brushless DC Motor

  • Breathing devices: Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) respirators that aid in the treatment of sleep apnea have BLDC motor-powered blower fans that help regulate airway pressure.
  • Blood clot prevention: Air pumps that inflate and deflate medical socks that help prevent blood clots in hospital patients use BLDC motors.
  • Medical tests: Machines that analyze fluid samples, as well as diagnostic equipment, use BLDC motors.
  • Mobility equipment: Lifts, patient beds and mobility devices use brushless DC motors.
  • Medical equipment: Brushless DC motor manufacturers make components for blowers, compressors, medical pumps, surgical instruments and equipment for oxygen concentration and generation.

Because BLDC motor design houses don’t generate heat like other types of motors and can last up to four times longer, they’re ideal for medical machinery and testing equipment that must remain cool. Plus, the motors are quiet, which adds to patient comfort.

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