Brushless DC Motor ConstructionMade possible by the development of solid-state electronics in the 1960s, the brushless DC motor, or BLDC motor, is a type of synchronous electric motor that a DC power source powers. Conventional BLDC motors are available in a variety of configurations. Among the most popular are those that look like brush-type motors. The difference is that brushless motors use a wound stator that surrounds a permanent-magnet rotor—an arrangement that’s inverse from that found in brush motors. In BLDC motors, stator windings are commutated electronically instead of using a conventional commutator and brushes.

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Sinotech: Your Partner for Affordable Brushless DC Motor Manufacturing

When you collaborate with Sinotech for your BLDC motors needs, you’ll enjoy the advantages of working with a dedicated, knowledgeable company based in the United States with more than two decades of offshore manufacturing experience. This allows you to experience the benefits of partnering with a domestic supplier that has an eye for quality and the bottom line. Our stringent quality control practices ensure the finished product meet your company’s exact needs by the date we promise at an affordable rate.

What to Expect When You Work with Sinotech

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When you collaborate with the custom BLDC motor manufacturers at Sinotech, our engineers in the U.S. and China carefully review your project and develop a strategy tailored to give you the best quality products at the lowest prices possible.

From motor consultancy services and factory selection to production and shipping, Sinotech is your full-service partner who cuts through the red tape of offshore manufacturing, taking the headaches and risks out of global outsourcing. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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BLDC Motor Benefits

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rengths brushless DC motors possess, more and more industries are integrating them into their applications—from aerospace components to home entertainment systems.

Here’s why:

  • Great efficiency
  • Less wasted heat
  • Fewer and simpler maintenance requirements
  • The ability to operate at higher speeds than conventional DC motors
  • Durability
  • Long lifespans
  • Greater reliability
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and perfect for use in smaller devices
  • Ability to incorporate embedded logic
  • Silent
  • Spark-free
  • Higher torque-to-size ratio
  • Less expensive to manufacture

A Look at BLDC Motor Applications

The brushless DC motor’s small size and efficiency are of paramount importance to industries across the board. Here are a few that have hired custom BLDC motor manufacturers to further their fields.


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Windshield wipers, CD players and power windows in vehicles all use BLDC motors. More recently, the desire for alternative-fueled vehicles has breathed new life into the design and availability of hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the high-tech motors that power them. Brushless DC motors are commonly used in electric vehicles of all types because of:

  • Their high efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Operating speeds
  • Lack of sparking
  • Compact size
  • Quick response

HVAC and Refrigeration

In the HVAC and refrigeration industries, BLDC motors are becoming the norm over the typical AC motor. The top reason for the switch is the reduction in the power required to operate the motor. HVAC and refrigeration engineers also like how brushless motors add to a system’s overall efficiency and install them in many fans.

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Manufacturers use BLDC motors for positioning, actuation systems and more. The motor is considered ideal for several manufacturing application and is commonly used industrial automation design.

A few of the motor’s aspects that manufacturing companies and engineers praise include its:

  • Power density
  • Good speed-torque characteristics
  • Speed ranges
  • Ease of maintenance

Motion Control Systems

BLDC motors are often preferred in motion-control applications as their benefits outweigh potentially higher costs. When it comes to energy-, maintenance- and downtime-related costs, brushless DC motors may cost less than brush types in some applications.

Sinotech Motors is a custom BLDC motor manufacturer with operations based out of the United States, China, Taiwan and Korea. Our overseas operations allow us to give high-quality brushless DC motors at competitive prices with the same services and terms as domestic suppliers. In the end, you receive a superb product at a lower cost with less risk. Discover more about Sinotech and our products in our video library. Get in touch with our BLDC motor specialists today to get started with your project.

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