Important Note: This motor catalog represents motors that our factories have made, can make, or can modify to produce custom motors. We do not stock motors and only offer them in quantity for equipment manufacturers.

Sinotech offers:

Sinotech offers high quality electric motors made in China with U.S. engineering and support.   In our online motor catalog you’ll find AC motor specifications, DC motor specifications, stepper motor specifications and gearmotor specifications.

We offer a wide range of DC motors including permanent magnet motors and DC servo motors.   See our DC Motor Selector for information on how to select the right DC motor.

For AC motors we can supply induction motors, linear motors, synchronous motors, and AC servo motors.

Today’s brushless DC motors (BLDC) with their high efficiency and long life are found in automotive, medical, and industrial applications.

Advanced slotless BLDC motors have an ultra-high speed output of up to 100,000 RPM. These motors are used in medical applications such as angioplasty and dentistry as well machine automation.

Stepper motors, often referred to as stepping motors, are available in steps as low as 0.36deg.  and sizes from 28mm to 110mm in diameter.  We also provide microstepper motors and disc motors.

You’ll find many varieties of gearmotors including AC gearmotors and DC gearmotors.  We can match the motor with a wide range of gearboxes with ratios of 3:1 to 200:1 in many different power levels.

All motors and motor components are produced to the highest standards at our TS 16949 certified factories.

You can order off-the-shelf electric motors, or custom electric motors.  We’ll build to your design requirements.  Don’t have the specifications of the motor you’re now using?  Send us a sample motor and we’ll recommend a replacement.  Or use our motor consultancy services for help on applications or custom motors.

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