Quality control is the single biggest challenge in offshore manufacturing. Miscommunication, cultural barriers and physical distance make it difficult to ensure products are made correctly – and to maintain that quality shipment after shipment. When you partner with Sinotech, you’ll benefit from the streamlined quality controls we’ve developed over two decades of working with factories in the Pacific Rim.

Every product we deliver is of the highest quality, made precisely to your design and specifications – whether it’s a DC gear motor assembly or an automotive stamping. Our offices in the Pacific Rim are staffed with bilingual English and Chinese speakers who are trained in quality assurance and know how to avoid the pitfalls that can result in a deficient product. We maintain our high standards by:

Carefully vetting every factory. Before selecting a factory, we conduct site inspections to assess the quality of the facility and equipment and determine its suitability for your project.

Clearly communicating your needs. Our bicultural staff arranges quality assurance meetings with each factory to ensure your quality requirements and technical specifications are accurately implemented.

Supervising production onsite. Throughout the tooling and production process, our Pacific Rim team manages your control plans, supervises process flow and performs random audits. All parts are subject to in-process inspections.

Enforcing compliance standards. We follow up to make sure your products meet all applicable regulatory requirements and quality standards. For automotive customers, we also generate PPAP documents.

Immediately correcting any issues. If there’s a problem with any of your parts, our 24-hour corrective action team will work around the clock to resolve the issue and keep your production lines running.

With Sinotech handling your project, you’ll never have to worry about receiving a substandard part. Contact us to learn more about our approach to quality control.

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