From streamlined quality controls to onsite production supervising, you’ll never have to worry about receiving a substandard part. The process we have created is profoundly effective for saving your company time, aggravation, and money.

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How We Work

From a comprehensive intake process to a full technical review, Sinotech’s team compiles all necessary information required to ensure a streamlined and successful manufacturing process.

Quality Control

The single biggest challenge in offshore manufacturing? Quality control.  Rest assured that your company will never receive a substandard part.

Cost Reduction

We ensure the highest quality product at the lowest cost possible through our full technical review process.

Consulting & Inspection

From project preparation to corrective actions, our team manages every aspect of the sourcing cycle for your company.

Risk Reduction

View four top steps we include for a processes that reduces your company’s risk while delivering the highest quality product at the lowest cost possible.

Please note, we do not maintain a stock of motors or sell individual parts or assemblies.

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