For over two decades, Sinotech has connected medium and large enterprises with the best manufacturing resources available in the Pacific Rim for producing custom electric motors and other mechanical components.

Sinotech handpicks the best factory to suit our clients’ needs.  Plus, as an American company, we operate under U.S. law and on U.S. time – a benefit you won’t receive working directly with factories overseas.

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Why Choose Sinotech?

Our detailed quality control program is customized for each client.

Compare the Difference

Has your company encountered issues working directly with factories or a broker? Take a look at the advantages of a full-service provider.


Have questions? Here we provide answers that speak to how we work, communicate, and address any issues that may arise.

Who We Are

Sinotech partners with your company to take the headaches out of global outsourcing. Get more details on who we are and how we work

Motor Consultancy

Sinotech provides motor consulting services that can help your company design your own custom motor.


Please note, we do not maintain a stock of motors or sell individual parts or assemblies.

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