Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Industry Continues Growth Through 2020

Admin    March 16, 2018

The brushless DC motor industry is hot and expected to get hotter into 2020. Many manufacturers prefer BLDC motors for a variety of applications because of their greater efficiency, lower maintenance and high torque. Since their inception, the motors have experienced remarkable growth. Brushless DC motor manufacturers can look forward to a compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, of nearly 13 percent, which will bring the industry $49.28 billion (USD) by 2021.

Top Revenue-Generating End-User Segments in the Global Brushless DC Motor Market



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Driving the growth of custom BLDC motors is the evolving electric vehicle industry, which has been a primary catalyst for the global market. In the automotive sector, the BLDC industry is expected to reach $10.4 billion (USD) by 2021.

In vehicles, brushless motors are primarily used for items such as infotainment systems, windshield wipers, power steering and electric pumps. They offer the power density and longevity needed for chassis and powertrain applications, which is beneficial in vehicles with space constraints or those that are frequently driven.

Because brushless DC motors have a higher per-volume output, electric automotive manufacturers use them to provide more torque than similarly sized engines. The significance of torque in electric vehicles is forecasted to be a primary driver of the brushless motor’s market in the near future as more auto manufacturers enter the electric vehicle sector. Also contributing to BLDC motor growth is the rise in the replacement of mechanical parts into electro-mechanical components.

Consumer Durables

Brushless DC motor manufacturers have been busy as products become more economical, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The rise in dual-income homes and the fast adoption of modern lifestyles contribute to BLDC motor growth as consumers purchase electronic goods. With an expected CAGR of over 15 percent through 2021, the consumer durable sector will be one of the fastest-growing segments of the brushless motor market. Popular consumer durables that use brushless DC motors include dryers, blenders, DVD players, refrigerators, gaming consoles, computers, vacuum cleaners and digital storage devices.

The aerospace, defense and healthcare sectors also dominate the BLDC motor market share.



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When used as servomotors, BLDC motors employ a closed-loop control system that ensures stable, controlled and precise movements. The motors are also less noisy and more reliable, efficient, responsive, and safer than brushed motors. They also feature quicker acceleration, a large amount of torque at a fast pace and greater thermal resistance. Because of the guarantee of stable operation, the motors are paramount in manufacturing, robotics and industrial processes.

The industrial sector has the largest share of the brushless motor market. This dominance is expected to remain stable through 2021 because of the motor’s use in important components such as HVAC equipment, actuation systems, fans, pumps and heaters.

Regions Leading the Way

At the time of publication, the Asia-Pacific is the largest market for BLDC motors. In 2015, it had 66 percent of the global BLDC motor market. North America, Europe and Latin America follow. The growth of consumer electronics drives the popularity of brushless motors in the Asia-Pacific market, which is expected to grow at a faster rate than others. Contributing factors include the availability of raw materials, population growth, rise in industrialization, improved standard of living, and economical labor in countries like Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and India—countries that are prominent contributors to the brushless motor’s growth. The United States will predominantly reign in the North American segment through 2021. Interestingly, the demand for electric vehicles is spurring rapid growth of BLDC motors in South Africa.

Additional Factors Driving Growth for BLDC Motors

  • The replacement of induction motors and brushed DC motors with brushless DC motors
  • Affordable BLDC motor prices
  • Efficiency requirements
  • Increased discretionary household expenditures, which will drive HVAC installations
  • Regulated demand from the gas and oil sectors
  • Rise in robotics

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