New Generation BLDC Motors Replace Servomotors in Some Applications

Sinotech    July 7, 2014

1 - 3 watt 35mm Brushless DC Motors

1 – 3 watt 35mm Brushless DC Motors

Introduced by manufacturers in the last few years, a new generation of small BLDC motors is bringing performance benefits that once only expensive servomotors offered. The efficiencies that brushless DC motors offer result in cost savings.

Brushless DC Motor Characteristics

Brushless motors offer the best of DC motors and three-phase AC induction motors. Similarities to DC motors include performance in respect to speed and linear torque. Like AC motors, the brushless motor has a winding construction and uses a magnetic field to rotate, but it also includes a Halls Effect device or encoder that helps energize the windings.

Servomotor Characteristics

Some servomotors are brushed induction motors with permanent magnets on the outside and windings on the rotor. As the carbon-copper composite brush in the motor rubs the rotor’s commutator, it creates an electrical connection. As the rotor turns, the rotor winding turns in the desired direction in response to the current produced. Brushless DC technologies allowed servomotors to operate more efficiently and have better response times, so they accelerated and decelerated faster.

Today’s servomotors are high-performance motors that are part of a servo control system with a controller, amplifier (speed control), motor, a feedback system for speed and/or position, and possibly and interface.

New BLDC Motor Benefits

  • No high-resolution feedback system
  • Lower mechanical time constants compared to brushed-type servomotors
  • Constant torque and voltage
  • No brush maintenance, noise, electromagnetic interference or brush dust
  • Longer life

For over 20 years, companies in need of intricate BLDC motors for sensitive applications have relied on Sinotech’s engineering and manufacturing expertise. Learn more about our BLDC motor offerings or contact Sinotech today to inquire about the right motor for your application.

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