Custom Motor Manufacturers Discuss Facility Efficiency

Sinotech    December 16, 2014

Custom Motor Manufacturers Automatic Machining of Motor ShaftsWhen designing any type of plant or facility, regardless of the industry, energy is one of the top concerns in regards to cost and environmental impacts. Motors contribute to energy costs as much as they do productivity, efficiency and quality, so it’s vital for facilities to ensure the correct power measurements when using custom motor manufacturers.

Custom Motor Design and Basic Power Measurements

When plant engineers have an accurate understanding about a facility’s motors, they can more accurately determine factors such as power generation and losses. A motor’s power (in watts) is the product of the voltage (volts) and current (amperes). Since the voltage and current may fluctuate, engineers must calculate the real, or true, power in a circuit using different calculations or wattmeters.

When designing a custom motor, it’s important to determine the voltages and currents, as well as see their placement, to ensure the best electronic configuration. When designing industrial motors, custom motor manufactures may create a three-phase three-wire system. For this arrangement, an engineer would measure power using a two-wattmeter method. If the system had a four-wire circuit, for example, he’d use a three-wattmeter method.

When determining power, engineers take into account a motor’s mechanical power, which is the product of the rotating speed and torque. They often define mechanical power in horsepower or kilowatts. Engineers also take in to account the speed of the rotor and the stator’s magnetic field, as well as the difference between the two because this gives them better insight into losses, or slip.

In general, efficiency is the quotient, or ratio, of output power and input power. In regards to electric motors, engineers base efficiency on the ratio of mechanical power to electrical input power. By having the right motor design and correct power measurements, facilities can take strides in maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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