ISM8060 overall

Suitable for manual pulse input type such as NC or milling machinery. High reliability, terminal connection type.

Power supply; 5V DV, 12V DC, 24V DC.

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Industrial tooling machinery.

Output Waveform

90 Output phase difference, CW rotation

(CW rotation as seen from fit surface)

ISM6045 rotation (1)

A leads B clockwise when viewing the encoder shaft end.

Click-stop position falls within hatched area.

Technical Specifications

Electrical specifications
Output wave Square wave
Output signals A,B, (line driver output A,A,B,B phase)
Current consumption 100mA
response frequency 0~20KHz
Output phase difference 90 45
Supply voltage 5V DC, 12V DC
Signal level VH 85% Vcc, VL 0.3V
Number of pulses 100 (other number of pulse available on request)
Output circuit Open collector NPN, Push pull, Voltage, Line driver
Mechanical Specifications
Signal Position 4 kind
Speed without sealing 500rmp
Starting torque without sealing 1.0×10-2Nm (+25 C)
Shock resistance 980m/s2, 6ms, 2 hours each on XYZ
Vibration proof 50m/s2, 10~200Hz, 2 hours each on XYZ
Working life MTBF 10000h (+25 C, 2000rpm)
Weight Appr. 275g
Environmental Specifications
Working humidity 30~85% (no condensation)
Storage temperature -30 C~85 C
Working temperature -10 C~70 C
Protection class IP54

Terminal Assignment

Code 1 2 3 4 5 6
Line driver output +5V 0V SIG A SIG A SIG B SIG B
Other output circuit +5V 0V SIG A SIG B / /

Ordering Code

ISM8060 002 100 B 24 C
Series Sequence Number Number of Pulses Output Signals Supply Voltage Output Circuit

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ISM8060 dimensions

Motors described above are typical and can be customized upon request.

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