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Sinotech    July 29, 2013

45 watt 46mm Brushless DC Motors

45 watt 46mm Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motor (BLDC) systems are the most preferred systems for the simple reason that they are cost-effective. The cost, which includes maintenance, downtime and costs related to energy requirements, is lower for these systems as compared to their brush type counterparts. The performance of any motor depends on the performance of its two components namely, motor and controller. This is particularly true for BLDC motors, in which BLDC motor controllers play a crucial part in determining its performance.

Sinotech’s Brushless DC Motor Controller Design

Sinotech’s aim is to provide clients with solutions that are tailor made for their requirements without compromising on time, cost and quality. Sinotech specializes in brushless DC motors, coreless, miniature, gear motors, slotless and servo motors, among many others.  Sinotech’s custom motor design also includes providing clients with a BLDC motor controller design that not only suits their motor, but complements it for additional functionality. Key features of our BLDC motor controller design include speed control, construction, efficiency, sensors and automation.

How Sinotech Works: Quality Control & Cost Reduction

Sinotech works on the fundamental principle of collaboration. Our team of experts shall work with you to understand your commercial and technical requirements and design a solution that suits your needs perfectly. All phases of manufacturing and quality control process are strictly monitored to ensure high quality, timely delivery of your solution.

We realize that offshore manufacturing has its downsides. However, we have structured our processes to ensure that these pitfalls are carefully managed. Our manufacturing process is monitored by a team of experienced auditors and professionals who constitute the subcontractor selection. In this manner, we ensure that our processes meet the set quality standards. In addition, all the processes of manufacturing are reviewed on a regular basis for criticality and priority.

Sinotech promises to deliver BLDC Motors, which are not only of excellent quality, but are also cost-effective. Our manufacturing units are located, in Korea, Taiwan and China, to keep the costs at a minimum without compromising on the quality of the product. View Sinotech Motors for a variety of motor options available and their specifications.


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