Sinotech’s Motor Consultancy Services for Motor Selection & Design: BLDC, Stepper, Gear Motors, DC Motors, AC Motors & More

Sinotech    April 3, 2013

Sinotech Logo - Custom Motor ManufacturersIn addition to our motor catalog, Sinotech offers motor consulting services in the areas of motor selection, design and applications to help you determine the best BLDC motor, stepper motor or synchronous motor for your operation. The consultants on our staff have hands-on experience with the manufacturing management process and machine design so you can feel confident that the custom solution you choose will provide the results that you seek.

Sinotech’s Process

At Sinotech, we aim to deliver the highest-quality services and products. Because we work with factories in Asia that manufacture parts such as BLDC motors, Sinotech employs bilingual staff members who are control and quality assurance experts. Our on-site engineers supervise, inspect and audit the factory during production to ensure that you have a positive, professional experience.

As the factory completes your order, we hold quality assurance meetings, generate PPAP documents (if you’re in the automotive industry) and follow up with you to make sure your products meet your regulatory and quality guidelines.

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