AC & DC Gear Motors: Gear Types & Limitations

Sinotech    September 22, 2014

AC & DC Gear MotorsEven though they all consist of speed reducers and motors in an assembly, DC and AC gear motors aren’t all the same. They come in a range of sizes and the speed reducers use different types of gears based on their application. By knowing the different types of gears used in AC and DC gear motors, you can have a better idea about the best kind to use in your application.

Popular Gears Used in DC & AC Gear Motors

Worm gears: Worm gears are self-locking, compact and tend to be the most cost-efficient type of gear. They’re available in right-angle configurations and can achieve ratios of up to 100:1 in a single gear set. Worm gears also tolerate high shock loads and run quietly.

Limitations: Worm gears aren’t as efficient as other types of gearing. They produce a significant amount of heat, experience high power losses and are not efficient in regards to transmission.

Spur gears: Spur gears are reliable, simple to find, have high-power transmission efficiency and come in compact sizes, making them simple to install. They have a ratio of about 10:1 per stage, don’t slip and have a constant velocity ratio. You can use spur gears in parallel-shaft arrangements.

Limitations: Spur gears are noisier, more expensive and don’t tolerate shocks as well as worm gears. The gears have a limited center distance and you can’t use them for long-distance power transmission.

Helical gears: Helical gears are versatile, have a 10:1 ratio per stage and are available for perpendicular and non-parallel shafts. They have angled teeth, giving them an efficient gear mesh that enables them to carry heavier loads. Because of their configuration, the gears tend to have a longer life, experience less vibration and are quieter.

Limitations: Helical gears aren’t as efficient as spur gears and can cost more. Depending on the configuration, the gear may cause thrust loading on bearings. Helical gears can generate a lot of heat, which can make a rotating machine less efficient.

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