AC & DC Gear Motor Efficiency Considerations

Sinotech    January 6, 2014

Various Gear Motors

Various Gear Motors

Even though it’s critically important, one of the most misunderstood aspects of gear motors is energy efficiency. While performance is an essential consideration when it comes to AC gear motors and DC gear motors, it’s just as important to look at the efficiency of a motor’s design.

General Design

Many aspects of a gear motor’s design affect its efficiency. Such aspects include the motor’s weight, size, heat losses and heat dissipation capabilities.  The gearbox itself is can be a major contributor to power loss and drop in efficiency.

Energy Use

It’s common to find information about a DC or AC gear motor’s output power based on the mechanical output. Finding the energy-related cost and electrical energy value, however, can help determine the gear motor’s efficiency. This consideration is particularly helpful when determining if there is enough power to supply a motor.


The efficiency of a gear motor affects its energy cost, purchase price and operational cost. A low-efficiency gear motor, for example, can cost less to purchase, but may be expensive to operate. To determine the true operational cost of an AC or DC gear motor, multiply the annual electrical rate by the annual energy usage.


A gear motor’s efficiency varies by load. By properly sizing a motor according to its application and expected loads, you maximize its efficiency.

Environmental Factors

In addition to the energy that a gear motor consumes, the energy required to manufacture and deliver a gear motor also matters. Environmental impacts to bear in mind include factors like the materials used during the manufacturing process, location of the manufacturer, modes of transportation and the sustainability of the processes used.

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