58mm Diameter 10mm Shaft Incremental Solid Shaft Common Type Optical Encoder

ISC5810 overall

Shaft diameter 10mm, clamping flange, housing diameter 58mm.

Made from encoder module, high stability, good anti-interference, long working life.


Cable axial, cable radial, plug axial, plug radial.


Control of transport vehicles, print machines, fork truck, CNC-tooling machines.

Output Waveform

90 Output phase difference, CW rotation

(CW rotation as seen from fit surface)

ISA5208 rotation

Square-wave accuracy: X1 + X2 = 1/2T 1/12T, X3 + X4 = 1/2T 1/12T

Pitch error of period: 0.01T

Pitch error of phase position: 1/18T

Z Phase: Tz=1/4T (1T,1/2T,1/4T…)

Period of pulses: T=360 /N (N: output pulses)

Signal accuracy: Xn=1/4T 1/12T (n=1,2,3,4)

A leads B clockwise when viewing the encoder shaft end.

The position of Z shaft against A,B phase is not specified.

Technical Specifications

Electrical specifications
Output wave Square wave
Output signals A,B,Z (line driver output A,A,B,B,Z,Z phase)
Current consumption 180mA
response frequency 0~120KHz
Output phase difference 90 45
Supply voltage 5V DC, 5-12V DC, 12-24V DC
Signal level VH 85% Vcc, VL 0.3V
Number of pulses 100,120,125,150,180,200,250,256,300,360,400, 500,512,600,900,1000,1024,1200,1800,2000, 2048,2400,2500,3000,3600 (other number of pulse available on request)
Output circuit Open collector NPN, Push pull, Voltage, Line driver
Mechanical Specifications
Speed without sealing 6000rmp
Rotor moment of inertia Appr. 6.0×10-6 Kgm2
Starting torque without sealing 4.0×10-3Nm (+25 C)
Maximum load permitted on shaft Radial 35N, Axial 10N
Shock resistance 980m/s2, 6ms, 2 hours each on XYZ
Vibration proof 50m/s2, 10~200Hz, 2 hours each on XYZ
Working life MTBF 30000h (+25 C, 2000rpm)
Weight Appr. 240g (9 pin plug in radial)
Environmental Specifications
Working humidity 30~85% (no condensation)
Storage temperature -40 C~100 C
Working temperature -25 C~85 C
Protection class IP54

Terminal Assignment

Signal +5V 0V SIG A SIG A SIG B SIG B SIG Z SIG Z Shield
Cable Color Red Black Green Brown White Grey Yellow Orange N.C
7 pin plug 1 4 3 / 5 / 2 / 6
9 pin plug 1 4 5 7 3 6 2 8 9
Note: Shield is attached to connector housing, 1 meter cable lengths (other cable lengths on order)

Ordering Code

ISNC5810 -401 C 1800 BZ1 12-24 F
Series Sequence Number Connection Number of Pulses Output Signals Supply Voltage Output Circuit

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ISC5810 dimensions

Motors described above are typical and can be customized upon request.

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