HKT56 overall

The HKT56 series are high performance two and three channel optical incremental encoders. These encoders emphasize high reliability, high resolution, and easy assembly. Each encoders contains a LED source (emitter), an integrated circuit with detectors and output circuitry, and a code-wheel which rotates between the emitter and detector integrated circuit. This index is an active high pulse that occurs once every full rotation of the code-wheel. Resolutions up to 2048 counts per revolution are available in the two and three channel versions.


Two or three channel quadrature output with optional index pulse, TTL compatible single ended outputs on HKT56 series, 100 C operating temperature, easy assembly, no signal adjustment necessary, resolutions up to 2048 counts per revolution, maximum shaft diameter of 20mm.


The HKT56 series provide motion detection to a very high resolution and accept a variety of shaft sizes up to a maximum of 20mm.

Output Waveform

90 Output phase difference, CW rotation

(CW rotation as seen from fit surface)

ISN4005 rotation (4)

Square-wave accuracy: X1 + X2 = 1/2T 1/12T, X3 + X4 = 1/2T 1/12T

Pitch error of period: 0.01T

Pitch error of phase position: 1/18T

Z Phase: Tz=1/4T (1T,1/2T,1/4T…)

Period of pulses: T=360 /N (N: output pulses)

Signal accuracy: Xn=1/4T 1/12T (n=1,2,3,4)

A leads B clockwise when viewing the encoder shaft end.

The position of Z shaft against A,B phase is not specified.

Technical Specifications

Electrical specifications
Output wave Square wave
Output signals A,B, phase or A,B,Z phase
Current consumption 40mA
Output current 0~5mA
Response frequency 0~100KHz
Output phase difference 90 45
Supply voltage 5V DC
Signal level VH 85% Vcc, VL 0.3V
Number of pulses 1000,1024,2000,2048 (other number of pulse available on request)
Output circuit Voltage, Line driver
Mechanical Specifications
Rotor inertiaof code-wheel Appr. 6.0×10-8 Kgm2
Hollow shaft diameter 20mm
Shock resistance 980m/s2, 6ms, 2 hours each on XYZ
Vibration proof 50m/s2, 10~200Hz, 2 hours each on XYZ
Working life MTBF 50000h (+25 C, 2000rpm)
Weight Appr. 25g (with 0.5 meter cable)
Environmental Specifications
Working humidity 30~85% (no condensation)
Storage temperature -40 C~100 C
Working temperature -25 C~100 C
Weld temperature 260 C
Protection class IP54

Terminal Assignment

Color code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cable Color Black Red Green Brown Grey White Yellow Orange
Line driver output 0V Vcc SIG A SIG A SIG B SIG B SIG Z SIG Z
Cable code 1 2 3 4 5
Cable color Black Yellow Green Red White
Voltage output 0V SIG Z SIG A Vcc SIG B

Ordering Code

HKT56 08 WZ 001 G 500 BZ 5 E
Series Hollow shaft diameter Encoder module Sequence number Connection Number of pulese Output signals Supply voltage Output circuit

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HKT56 dimensions

Motors described above are typical and can be customized upon request.

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