Trends in Energy-efficient Brushless DC Motor Controller Design

Sinotech    July 8, 2013

Brushless DC Motors

550-1100 watt 92mm Brushless DC Motors

Energy efficiency has become a vital judging criterion for products, from automotive machinery to home appliances. As a result, this aspect is considered in the development processes now, more than ever before. Although there is no absolute sure shot method to achieve this kind of efficiency, we present here the trends that have been noticed in recent past.

Sensor-less Brushless DC Motors

The use of sensor-less controls in brushless DC motors presents an excellent option, which is capable of delivering extremely high component power. However, there are positives and negatives of using this technology. While the use of sensor-less control is a remarkably safe option, it makes the BLDC motor controller design complicated.

Generic Algorithms

Most design engineers consider the ‘canned’ control algorithms, which are provided by semiconductor manufacturers, as the most viable option for development because of its reputation of reducing development costs and time. However, these options are applicable to only a few applications and when used forcibly will not be able to meet the desired expectations. This is especially true for brushless DC motors, which are designed for specific functionalities. Besides this, fault recognition is also a daunting challenge with these Generic Algorithms.

Lack of Expertise in Advanced Control Engineering

Many of the issues that arise in the use of Generic Algorithms are due to the fact that expertise capable of handling the complications is not available. This field requires an in-depth knowhow of the components, their functioning, implementation and operation. The expertise that is required for control engineering is more of learning by experience than education.

Novel Model-Based Techniques for Development of Controls for Brushless DC Motor

Considering the inability of ‘canned’ control algorithms to meet the requirements of product development, brushless DC motor manufacturers are looking for the assistance of outside specialists who can develop custom BLDC motor controller design to suit their needs. The use of new age tools like Simulink helps in reducing the development time. Besides this, it also ensures quick fault diagnosis and solution determination.

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