Top 5 Benefits of Using AC Motors with Adjustable Speed Drives

Sinotech    January 12, 2015

AC Motors by SinotechAdjustable speed drives in AC motors are popular in applications that power mechanical equipment because they offer better control. While custom motor manufacturers may have initially developed the AC motor for process control, the additional benefits of using a variable drive have proven equally attractive.

Advantages of AC Motors with Adjustable Speed Drives

  1. Adjustable operating speeds: Adjustable speed drives optimize processes and can make operations smoother than fixed drives because there are, for example, fewer high-powered surges of electrical currents to start motors, which lead to thermal and electromagnetic stresses.
  2. Energy savings: The use of adjustable speed-driven applications for fan and pump loads may reduce energy consumption. In a fixed-speed motor, airflow in a fan may be higher than necessary. A motor-regulated reduction in the fan’s speed can result in a reduction in energy consumption.
  3. Controlled acceleration and stopping: When some machinery doesn’t ramp up gradually or stop correctly, the motor and connected loads experience shock, wear and tear. Adjustable speed drives reduce the wear and can increase the longevity of the applications.
  4. Adjustable torque: Similar to controlled acceleration, the ability to control an application’s torque based on a motor’s limit protects it from unnecessary wear. This feature is beneficial when a machine jams.
  5. Elimination of additional components: Adjustable speed drives allow for reverse operation, so you don’t need a reversing starter. They also don’t need mechanical drive components between the motor and the load, such as gearboxes. These benefits eliminate expenses associated with the purchase and maintenance of extra components, and increase floor space.

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