Steel Investment Casting Means Reduced Machining Time & More

Sinotech    July 22, 2013

Despite the fact that there are several different methods for the manufacturing of stainless steel, investment casting continues to survive the competition and exist in the market. Investment casting is an old metalwork technique and requires longer and more processes when compared to other recent metalworking techniques. Regardless of this, steel investment casting has managed to hold its ground because of its overpowering benefits.

Reduction in Machining Time

Steel investment casting makes use of moulds that exactly match the parts that are to be manufactured. As a result, the end product of the moulding process is a replica of the original part. Therefore, minimal modifications are required after the moulding process, decreasing the duration of machining.

Adjustable Lot Size

The process of investment casting produces parts in small batches or one piece at a time. As a result, the total lot size can be adjusted as per the requirement, and extra production can be avoided.

Better Quality

Since steel investment casting makes use of moulds, which are crafted to perfection; the final products are also detailed and precise. The fact that minimum reworking is required on the metal after moulding ensures that the metal is at its strongest.

Besides the above mentioned, steel investment casting is cost effective as compared to stainless steel casting. Stainless steel is not immune to corrosion, and the manufacturing cost of stainless steel casting may increase due to this reason.

Because of its multi-faceted benefits, investment casting is used for different types of projects. It is especially recommended for part designs that need detailing with minimal chance of error like the case of critical applications. In addition to this, it is also advised for metals that possess fabrication limitations like precious metals and alloys. Investment casting manufacturers are able to achieve high quality and endurance in the end products.

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