Sinotech Reveals Secrets of China Sourcing: Is Your Project Ready for China?

Sinotech    January 3, 2013

In the second video about sourcing your project to China, “Sinotech Reveals Secrets of China Sourcing: Is Your Project Ready for China?,” Sinotech president Michael Bloom provides insights about the types of projects that are best to source in China. If you’re considering sourcing any project to China, you’ll need to consider the following:

Degree of cost savings. In addition to offering cost-effective sourcing solutions, China poses risks to consider, such as quality and delivery. You’ll also need to think about the cost of ownership, like logistics, shipping, duty and warehousing costs. Plus, you may have to pay for the entire project up to 60 days before work begins.

Labor content of the product. The cost of labor is relatively less expensive in China, but the greater the labor content, the greater the savings you’ll experience.

Volume of production. What’s the minimum volume you need to take your project to China? You’ll need to place an order that’s large enough for a factory to take you seriously, but the project also has to match the factory’s size and capabilities.

Maturity of design. Is your design stable and mature enough to take offshore? Changes in course are difficult to make and very slow. If you’re still working with prototypes or are still making engineering changes, you’re not ready for China.

Quality of drawings. Your drawings should always be high-quality, created according to international standards, fully dimensioned and toleranced. If assembly is required, you’ll need to include drawings for the individual components and assembly methods. If your drawings are sub-par, you’re not ready to source to China.

Specification clarity. Leave nothing to chance or misinterpretation. Use the standards established for outlining and describing the details of your project.

Your credibility. Your credibility matters because Chinese factories are swamped with orders as well as quote requests from companies they don’t know. Each request consumes engineering resources, so you’ll need to stand out from the others if you want to receive a response.

Amount of time to market. You may have a specific deadline for a project. If you don’t have at least six or more months to spare before you go to market, you probably shouldn’t source it to China.

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