Sinotech Offers Best of East & West: BLDC Motors, AC Gear Motors & Much More

Sinotech    May 6, 2013

Brushless DC Motors 1000-2200 Watt 122mm

Brushless DC Motors

With close ties to the best factories along the Pacific Rim, Sinotech has brought American manufacturers top-notch BLDC motors, synchronous motors, AC gear motors and fully integrated motor solutions for more than 25 years. When you need custom parts, Sinotech’s experts work with you every step of the way so you don’t have to venture into the world of overseas outsourcing alone.

The Sinotech Experience

When you first contact Sinotech because you need, for example, an AC gear motor or a BLDC motor, you meet with our design consultants to determine the best type of motor for your needs. Our consultants can help you streamline your design, find ways to cut costs on components and anticipate production challenges.

Once your project is ready, our experts in China, Taiwan and Korea scout out factories to determine which best meet your requirements. After reviewing the choices available and negotiating contract details with the help of our native, bilingual staff, production begins.

During the manufacturing process, expert auditors frequently visit the factory performing the work to ensure the quality of the product and the timeliness of the project. You’ll receive frequent status reports and digital photos of the tooling process, as well as the opportunity for video conferences with Sinotech’s bilingual staff. Our tailored service gives you the legal protection of working with a U.S. company; product liability protection; and personal support on which you can count. If you like, you can even visit the factories to see the tooling and production process in person.

When you receive the finished motors, Sinotech will follow up with you to make sure the products meet the quality standards and regulatory requirements you specified.

Fully Integrated Motor Solutions

While you can order off-the-shelf motors from Sinotech, you can also order custom motors built according to your design specifications. Integration with brakes, encoders and drives is no problem. Also available are IP-rated motors for dust or water intrusion-related applications.

To learn more about having your motors built overseas without the risks that often come with outsourcing, contact Sinotech today.

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