Understanding Refrigeration Applications & BLDC Motor Control

Sinotech    December 9, 2013

Refrigeration applications largely depend on the capabilities of the compressor, which compresses  the refrigerant, and the cooling fan that blows air through and evaporator. As energy policies and market needs change, designers look to BLDC motors for efficient, low-maintenance and quieter solutions.

How Refrigerators Work

Refrigerators with permanent split capacitor (PSC) single-phase induction motor compressors turn on when the temperature in the refrigerated compartment reaches a certain point. When the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the compressor turns off. The compressor is generally noisy and draws a large starting current, which may cause a dip in voltage in the main power supply and even motor burnout.

The Advantages of Brushless DC Motors in Refrigeration  Applications

Engineers find that using BLDC motors in refrigerators instead of PSC motors can enhance the performance of the system because brushless DC motors:

  • Produce less noise.
  • Are small.
  • Have flat speed-torque characteristics that allow the motor to operate at lower speeds.
  • Provide continuous speed variations and allow variable-speed operation.
  • Have a higher ratio of output power to frame size, which reduces the size and weight of the compressor. The cooling capacity is so high that compressors with brushless motors can cool better than reciprocating compressors that are up to ten times larger in size.
  • Have permanent magnets on the rotor and no commutation-related brushes, which make the compressor run more efficiently.
  • Have an increased lifespan, offer long-term reliability and require less maintenance.

Refrigeration  applications that benefit from the incorporation of BLDC motors include personal cooling systems, ice makers, beverage dispensers, water chillers, medical product storage, laser products, mini-bars, refrigerated storage spaces and portable coolers .

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