Importance of Quality Audits of Offshore AC Gear Motor Component Factories

Sinotech    June 25, 2013

120 Watt 100mm AC Gear Motors

120 Watt 100mm AC Gear Motors

When you need custom AC gear motors, perfection and quality are vital to the success of your product. Seeking an offshore solution is a common option that allows companies to reduce costs, but it comes with the risks associated with cultural and language barriers as well as inexperience. When clients seek an offshore solution for their AC gear motors, items from the DC motor catalog and other motor components, Sinotech always audits the factories it works with from beginning to end to ensure a successful offshore experience.

The Components and Importance of a Quality Offshore Audit

The best offshore auditor is an experienced Supply Quality Engineer (SQE) who:

  • Is familiar with the local culture and QS-9000 standards.
  • Has experience with the manufacturing processes (preferably hands-on experience).
  • Has product knowledge.

If you can’t find one individual with these qualifications, an auditing team of two or more experts with complementary knowledge and skills may work well.

Auditing Process

The auditing process generally begins after a factory submits a bid, to ensure its capabilities. Sinotech, however, may inspect factories before the bidding process begins to make sure a client receives only quotes from companies that can legitimately perform the work.

On the day of the initial audit, after the introductory formalities, a factory should hand over production documents for analysis. The auditor then visits the following areas and may take photos of:

  • Raw material testing area and storage facility.
  • Tooling workshops, tooling storage and design areas.
  • Manufacturing processes, according to a control plan.
  • Final production test area and storage area.
  • Laboratories.


An initial inspection ensures a factory’s ability to make the product requested at the volume needed. Audits throughout the manufacturing process are just as important. Such audits help encourage factories to stay on track and on time; address issues in the early stages; and ensure quality.

Sinotech offers custom engineered components and assemblies through an offshore solution you can trust. In addition to AC gear motors, stamping options, shafts, fabricated tubing and optical encoders, you can also order custom 22 mm, 52 mm and 62 mm DC motors. Learn more by checking out our DC motor catalog.

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