Permanent-Magnet Stepper Motors: Disc Motor Benefits

Sinotech    January 21, 2014

Stepper Motor Series 86BYG

Stepper Motor Series 86BYG

Disc motors are permanent-magnet stepper motors that act in a similar fashion as hybrid motors. Unlike hybrid and traditional permanent magnet motors, disk motors have thin rotors. Stepper motor manufacturers have created disc motors for over two decades, but improvements to magnet-related technologies have expanded their applications.

Advantages of Disc Motors

  • Maximum accuracy: At high stepping rates, the distortion of the output torque sinusoid is lower. The integral-velocity damper also allows for out-of-phase feedback, which reduces errors, ringing and overshoot.
  • Low inertia: The disc armature doesn’t contain iron and has a thin design, which provides a high torque-to-inertia ratio.
  • Smooth rotations with no cogging at any speed: Because disc motors don’t have iron, the magnets in the stator don’t try to line up with the rotor.
  • No arcing and longer brush life: A lack of iron reduces the arcing at the brushes during commutation, so there’s less wear.
  • Low electrical time constants: Disc rotors have minimal inductance, so they accelerate and reach full torque faster.
  • Higher peak currents: Disc motors can have peak currents that are up to 10 times the continuous rating.

If you’re looking for a permanent-magnet stepper motor that addresses the frustrations that you experience with conventional ones, consider the use of a disc motor. The team at Sinotech is more than happy to help you determine the best options for your application.

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