Sinotech’s High-Quality Metal Stampings: Progressive Die Stamping, Automotive Stamping & More

Sinotech    June 14, 2013

Progressive die stamping is a metalworking technique that involves bending, punching, coining and modifying raw metal materials with an automatic feeding system. Metal stamping is a practice humans have used since the discovery of fire to make tools, coins, decorations and jewelry. As technology advanced through history, various industries started to use metal stamping techniques for their own applications. The auto industry, for example, uses automotive stamping to make vehicles and components.

Progressive Die Stamping Process

Metal stamping begins with sheet metal that machines, or dies, can form, bend, stretch and draw. The metal must have the ability to stretch and deform without breaking.

Progressive die stamping, as well as automotive stamping, works like this:

1. A machine lubricates the sheet metal by applying a solution with a roller, drip, spray or flooding technique. In some cases, employees may lubricate the metal by hand with a brush or roller.

2. A machine feeds sheet metal through the different stations, or stamping presses, of a stamping die.

3. Each station performs a progressive operation to form the piece of metal accordingly.

4. The last machine separates the stamped part from the “scrap” metal and ejects it from the die set.

Progressive Die Stamping Benefits

  • Versatility: You can create everything from micro-miniature parts to large parts that need automotive stamping. Dies can stamp a variety of materials, including aluminum, zinc, titanium, brass, copper and steel.
  • Speed and efficiency: Depending on the part, a press can shape more than 800 parts per minute.
  • Strength and durability: Dies made from tool steel have the ability to resist abrasions, withstand high shock loads and stay sharp.
  • Precision: Stamped parts are uniform in quality, even when the metal is 0.0015 inches.

Sinotech offers all the progressive die stamping and automotive stamping capabilities mentioned above. Contact us to learn more or to order a part that needs custom metal stamping.

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