Investment Casting Manufacturers Talk Production Advantages

Sinotech    September 15, 2014

Investment Casting ManufacturersInvestment casting is a proven metal-forming technique that ancient civilizations developed. Today, investment casting manufacturers make molds to produce items like jewelry, vehicle and aircraft parts, medical equipment and turbine blades. Thanks to technologies like 3D printers, it’s possible to do investment casting for large and complex objects.

Benefits of Investment Casting: Manufacturers Prefer it for Good Reasons

The production gains of using investment casting include:

  • Consistent, precise dimensional control and accuracy
  • Tolerances as small as 0.15 percent
  • The ability to manufacture un-machineable parts
  • The creation of complex forms with undercuts
  • Smooth surface finishes with no parting lines
  • Versatility in regards to the types of metals manufacturers can use—including ferrous and non-ferrous materials—and the dimensional results
  • Time and cost savings as investment casting helps prevent errors and eliminates the need for machining, fine detailing, welding or joining different parts
  • No weak welds and joints
  • The manufacturing of lightweight dimension parts that are strong
  • Replacing die casting with investment casting for short runs
  • Reduced labor costs and human error
  • The ability to produce thin-walled, high strength items

Sinotech is an investment casting manufacturer that’s happy to help you with your casting needs, from assisting you with your application’s design to ensuring the accuracy of your finished product. Because Sinotech is a U.S. company that has factories in the Pacific Rim, you benefit from the highest quality materials at competitive rates.

Contact Sinotech today to learn how investment casting may be the perfect solution for your sensitive applications.

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