Top Investment Casting Applications: Aerospace & Power Generation Industries

Sinotech    March 12, 2013

Investment casting is one of the oldest types of metal-forming techniques, used in Egypt thousands of years ago to make gold jewelry. The technique, which involves using a wax or foam mold to create complicated shapes that require only minor machining and minimal surface finishing, is still commonly used today.

How Investment Casting Works

Investment casting manufacturers first make a master pattern out of plastic, wood, clay, metal or wax before crafting a mold, or master die. The manufacturer then uses the mold to make wax patterns that get assembled. Once complete, the wax patterns are then used to make an investment, or ceramic mold. Once the wax is removed, the investment gets preheated before metal is poured into the interior. After the metal cures, investment casting manufacturers remove the ceramic mold.

Aerospace and Power Generation Applications

The aerospace industry often uses investment casting to manufacture products out of aluminum, copper alloy and beryllium copper to make items such as aircraft door frames. Manufacturers, however, can use a variety of metals to manufacture products.

Along with the power-generation industry, the aerospace industry hires investment casting manufacturers to make turbine blades (directionally solidified, single-crystal or conventional equiaxed blades) that have cooling systems or complex shapes. The parts produced help ensure cleaner power generation and higher efficiencies.

The transportation, medical and military industries also use investment casting to manufacture items like firearms and machine parts.

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