The Evolved Motion Technologies in Automotive Die Stamping

Sinotech    June 16, 2014

Custom Metal Stampings by Sinotech

Custom Metal Stampings by Sinotech

Though automotive die stamping is common, other industries are taking advantage of benefits offered by die stamping to create items like electronic products and medical devices.

How Automotive Die Stamping Works

The stamping process is generally automated and involves stamping and pressing machines that press and mold parts from sheets of metal. After a machine stamps and presses the metal into the necessary form, another extracts the metal blanks with the help of a sensor. A sheet of metal may pass through a series of dies to create the final product. The motion technologies used to handle the dies helps make changes simpler and more precise.

Automotive Die Stamping Motion Technologies

  • Die protection: To protect dies from mechanical “crashes” that result in downtime, manufacturers use a system of sensors in the machinery that ensures the proper alignment of the various components. In general, the electrical sensors are in multiple places within a die or tool to detect missed hits, long or short feeds, bends and slugs.
  • Turret punch: Turret punches help increase the productivity of a punching-machine because it uses software to position the materials into the appropriate position. The software can also keep track of statistical data—like the number of punches—so operators know when to change the tooling.
  • Vibration prevention: Because the shock and force of stamping and pressing machines is so intense, they’re installed on custom slabs or flooring. To prevent further vibration, manufacturers install dampers with the foundation. Additional solutions include vibration-isolation pads, heavy-duty rubber, polymer supports, bumpers, shims and friction springs.
  • Ring springs: Ring springs, or friction springs, dampen the force of stamping and pressing machines by up to 66 percent to reduce the compressive force that recoils back into the system. They offer damping and full spring work regardless of how quickly or slowly the load gets applied.
  • Vacuum lifting: Pistons, piston rods and end caps create a vacuum that lifts, transports and protects the sheets of metal.

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