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Sinotech    December 2, 2014

Motor Component TestingSome custom motor manufacturers require you to have completed schematics before they provide you with service. At Sinotech, our custom motor design starts with project preparation and ends with shipping and logistics support. Bring us your idea and we’ll help you get your application off the ground.

Our Experts and Project Preparation

Sinotech Motors has in-house consultants who are experts in manufacturing, electric motors and magnetics. They have experience working with international companies and teaching at the university level.

When you bring your drawings to Sinotech, our consultants will review them and help make sure the schematics are complete. They will also take the time to learn about your design or concept to identify the correct manufacturing processes and save time.

Finding a Factory

Sinotech will help you choose the best overseas factory based on your manufacturing needs. In addition, an expert in our international office will personally inspect and audit the top qualified factories to ensure that it has the capacity, tools, certifications and workers promised.


Culture matters when it comes to price negotiations and custom motor design. The engineers in our overseas offices are native to the respective country, so they’re familiar with its legal system and social nuances. Our engineers negotiate on your behalf to secure the best prices and commercial terms.

Tooling, Production and Inspections

The custom motor design services that you receive can include the personal monitoring of the tooling and production process. During the tooling stage, you’ll receive proof of progress during processes such as mold- and die-making, tooling design and machining jigs. During the production stage, we’ll ensure that your project is on schedule and that the production parameters meet your specifications.

From ensuring the quality that you seek to monitoring testing procedures, Sinotech allows you to manage your project as much as you like. If you decide to manage your own project, we’re more than happy to provide inspection services as needed.

If we discover something wrong with one of the parts during an inspection, we’ll immediately quarantine the defective items and determine the cause. When our inspectors notice something wrong, we’ll let you know and take corrective actions. Such actions range from air-shipping replacement parts to increasing factory supervision.

Packaging, Shipping and Logistics

The custom motor manufactures at Sinotech consider all levels of packaging from the beginning of the tooling cycle. We’ll help you decide what mode of transportation and storage is best for you, as well as guide you through the customs and entry process. If you like, we’ll even assist you with your domestic shipping and warehouse needs.

To learn more about our comprehensive custom motor design services and our offshore manufacturing process, contact Sinotech today.

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