Choosing a Progressive Die or Line Die Stamping Vendor for Automotive Stamping Applications

Sinotech    April 16, 2013

Progressive die stamping and line die stamping for automotive stamping applications are services manufacturers commonly seek because they can help save time, reduce costs and provide consistent results. When you choose a metal stamping vendor, it’s important to consider more than just the bottom line.

As you shop for custom stamping or contract stamping services, look into the following:

Design help. A good vendor offers design assistance to ensure an economical stamping process – and to ensure the finished part performs well.

Production options. Progressive die stamping may not be the only, the best or most cost-effective, option available. Alternatives may also include water jet cutting, laser cutting or turret presses.

Tooling options. If you have to make the choice between soft tooling and hard tooling, consider the volume you need produced; the possibility of future orders; the cost of producing soft tools and redundant tools; and production alternatives that can help offset hard tooling costs. Furthermore, consider a vendor’s ability to provide maintenance for existing and future tools.

Materials available. When you need die or automotive stamping services, compare the materials a prospective vendor offers. Evaluate the end-user benefits and performance characteristics of each.

Experience with ISO/TS 16949 and Level 3 PPAPs. This TS level of quality control requires studies such as Capability Studies, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and Capability Studies as well as complex documentation.  Be sure your stamping vendor has done these before.

Production volumes. A vendor may offer you a special deal when you order a certain quantity. Determine whether ordering extra inventory is worth the risk; a smaller production run at a slightly higher price may be the better choice.

Coating and secondary metal processing services. If a metal stamping vendor isn’t set up to apply special coatings or secondary services to a product, it may affect the quality and price of your order.

Storage. Verify if a vendor can store, manage and ship your order as needed.

The Sinotech Advantage

Sinotech offers automotive progressive die stamping and line die stamping services that are designed to reduce your commercial risks.

Our expert staff strives for the lowest price negotiations and monitors the tooling process directly inside the factory. To further ensure quality, we inspect at every production stage and manage the production schedule to make sure you have your order within the expected timeline.

Contact Sinotech to learn more about the metal stamping services we offer.


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