BLDC Motors & Their Use in Motion Control Systems

Sinotech    September 29, 2014

BLDC MotorsThe challenge in many motion control systems doesn’t always stem from the sensor. Instead, the mechanical interface’s design can produce reliability problems. For this reason, companies often turn to brushless DC motor manufacturers for their motion control applications because of the advantages offered over brushed motors.

What are Motion Control Systems?

In motion control systems, a motion controller acts as the brains of a servo system. The controller can perform a range of functions, from simply turning a machine on or off with a switch to maintaining a machine’s programming using a computer.

Motion control systems generally work as such:

  1. A control relays a signal to the system’s drive.
  2. The drive powers a BLDC motor.
  3. The controller and drive receive feedback from the motor.
  4. The controller analyzes the feedback and, if necessary, makes any necessary adjustments by updating the amplifier’s signals.

Why Use BLDC Motor Manufacturers for Motion Control Systems?

Companies often prefer BLDC motors over brushed motors because they:

  • Require little to no maintenance, which translates into less downtime.
  • Have a longer lifetime.
  • Don’t produce sparks.
  • Run quietly.
  • Are energy efficient.
  • Have better heat dissipation and produce little heat.
  • Offer precise motion control through a closed loop control system.
  • Help ensure reliable and stable operations.

One of the few drawbacks of BLDC motors is that they initially can be more expensive than brushed motors. When you consider their efficiency, longevity and other benefits, you’ll find that brushless DC motors may be a more economical and wiser long-term investment.

Sinotech works closely with brushless DC motor manufacturers in the Pacific Rim to bring you quality components at competitive costs for your motion control systems and other applications. Contact Sinotech today to learn more about its custom design services, catalog offerings and manufacturing options.

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