BLDC Motors: Applications for Small Appliances

Sinotech    August 4, 2014

Dvd-fest bldc motorsWelcome to the brushless motor age. While the technology behind BLDC motors isn’t new, it’s gained popularity because of the applications it has helped advance and its use in popular small appliances. No longer used for just manufacturing and industrial applications, BLDC motor suppliers cater to designers, engineers and consumers who demand performance, quality and portability.

Why BLDC Motors are So Popular

When compared to their brushed counterparts, brushless DC motors are more efficient at converting energy into power because they don’t have commutators. This results in lower electromagnetic interference, or friction. Brushless motors also offer greater control and variability in regards to speed, and can develop high torque.

With the motor’s efficiency come high reliability and less maintenance, as there are no windings on the rotary parts or slip rings. Small appliances that use the brushless motors tend to be more durable and powerful because they weigh less than brush-type motors, have fewer moving parts, stay cooler and allow for fine motion control. Additionally, appliances with brushless DC motors tend to be quieter.

Items that Use BLDC Motors

  • Hard drives
  • CD and DVD players
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Coffee machines
  • Drills and other power tools
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Kitchen mixers
  • Hairdryers
  • HVAC systems
  • Refrigeration units

We invite you to learn more about Sinotech’s BLDC motor offerings and how we can help deliver the perfect motor design for your application. When searching BLDC motor suppliers for your application, look no further than Sinotech. Sinotech provides quality, affordable, custom brushless DC motors that are designed according to your specifications. Contact Sinotech to learn more about full-service offerings.

[Photo by Joakim Jardenberg via CC License]
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