Benefits of AC & DC Gear Motors

Sinotech    June 9, 2014

AC and DC Gear Motors

Various AC and DC Gear Motors by Sinotech

A gear motor—whether it’s an AC gear motor or DC gear motor—is a small motor that’s designed to work with a gear reducer. The end shield on the motor’s drive end has two functions. The side of the end shield that doesn’t face the motor supports the gearing and has a fastening and sealing provision for the gear housing. The side that faces the motor supports the rotor bearing and has a fastening and sealing provision for the integral rotor shaft pinion. The design of DC and AC gear motors makes sizing the gear reducer and motor simpler.

Additional benefits include:

  • Optimum power management and utilization: The simplicity of correctly sizing the motor and gear reducer ensures the efficiency, performance and longevity of the gear motor.
  • Less lubrication leakage: Gear motors use lip-seal construction and an O-ring, which offers better control of the lubrication.
  • Quieter operation: AC and DC gear motors have fewer parts that need assembly, so the rotor, gear train and pinion align well. The gear motor also has an integral pinion and casting.
  • Elimination of misalignments: Gear motors don’t need motor couplings, so there aren’t any problems with the bearing alignment and corrosion.
  • Ideal for applications that require larger integral horsepower: Gear motors can have a gearhead and motor that you can separate to accommodate the horsepower needed for an application.

You can customize DC or AC gear motors to suit your needs and Sinotech can help. View our catalog and contact us today to learn more about Sinotech’s design and engineering services.

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