Automotive Stamping is Hot, Produces Safety-Critical Structural Parts

Sinotech    November 10, 2014

Automotive Stamping The All-New Range Rover | Manufacturing ShotsHot stamping began in the 1990s and soon grew in popularity in the automotive industry. The process of hot automotive die stamping involves heating metal to temperatures of 900° C or more, forming it and then quenching it, a process that cools the metal quickly. This technique transforms metal with a low tensile strength into a high-strength material.

The Importance of Hot Automotive Stamping

One of the main attractions of hot stamping is its cost effectiveness because it allows manufacturers to create complex parts that are high-strength using a single-step die.  The results have minimal processing issues. Manufacturers use automotive die stamping to create parts that are vital to a vehicle’s safety and structure, such as reinforcements for doors and pillars, bumper beams, and cross members for the dash and roof.

In addition to its cost effectiveness, hot automotive stamping allows manufacturers to create parts that are stronger, thinner and lighter in weight. Boron steel, for example, has a tensile strength of 50 kilo-pounds per square inch (KSI). After the hot stamping process, the steel can have a tensile strength of up to 200 KSI.

Unlike cold-stamped high-strength steel or advanced high-strength steel, hot-stamped steel doesn’t have warping or spring-back problems because of its stress-relieving capabilities. This advantage makes the metal simpler to weld and assemble.

The Future of Hot Automotive Die Stamping

Manufacturers predict that hot stamping will continue to increase in greater demand. Researchers are currently working on ways to shorten the process’ quench cycle, as well as improve control over thermal stress concentrations so a part can have various strengths and stresses.

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[Photo by Land Rover MENA via CC License]
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