The Automotive Die Stamping Process

Sinotech    October 13, 2014

Automotive Die Stamping The All-New Range Rover | Manufacturing ShotsAutomotive die stamping is a metalworking process in which a machine punches, coins, bends and manipulates metal in an automatic feeding system. Automotive die stampings help streamline the manufacturing process and ensure precision and quality. Parts that use an automotive die include fenders and hoods. By knowing how the process works, you can better determine if die stamping is right for your application.

Automotive Die Stamping Steps

  1. Artist rendering: Artists or designers draw parts and prototypes using CAD software to prepare it for the modeling process. This step helps manufacturers determine if a part has blemishes, looks unattractive, is cost-effective or is structurally weak.
  2. Modeling: Using an approved design, graphic artists use automotive dies to make 3D renderings that show the different elements within an automobile and the step-by-step construction process.
  3. Approval: Approved automotive dies are those that will create safe components. Since it takes up to three or more dies to make a car panel, the stamping process must also be financially sound and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Creation of automotive die stamps: The size of the dies and their respective machinery depends on the presses used and the parts they will build. A manufacturer may use large automotive die stampings, for example, for parts like hoods or doors. When the stamping dies are complete, the manufacturing process begins.

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[Photo courtesy of Land Rover MENA via CC License]
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