Automotive Die Stamping & 3D Visualization

Sinotech    April 7, 2014

My new carIn the automotive industry, design is everything. The wrong design can result in weak spots, uneven lines and other blemishes in regards to automotive die stamping. Ultimately, these weaknesses can compromise the safety and aesthetics of a finished product. One of the technological advances that has helped manufacturers and designers save time and cut down on the costs of die stamping is 3D visualization using CAD and CAM software.

How 3D Visualization Aids the Automotive Die Stamping Process

  • Time savings and increased accuracy: When die makers use 3D visualization software, they need less time to quote a project and create a machining code. Since the software is more accurate than traditional methods, the quote is more accurate.
  • Smart information: A visualization program generates a list of the tools, machining components and a setup sheet, so there are no surprises about what is needed when it comes time to make the model. In addition, the program can export a bill of materials list to spreadsheet software or a text file.
  • Peace of mind: 3D visualization allows a customer to pinpoint concerns about a die in relation to the panel that they wish to create. In turn, the program lets you show and address specific components.
  • Streamlining: Visualization technology makes it possible for developmental managers to follow the die’s design process as a whole or in layers, allowing them to see and address issues before the die stamping process begins.

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[Photo by Estoril via CC License]
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