Advantages of the AC Gear Motor

Sinotech    January 28, 2013

90 Watt 90mm AC Gearmotors

90 Watt 90mm AC Gearmotors

AC gear motors and DC motors each have their own distinct characteristics, applications and benefits. However, when you need to make a choice between the two, you may find the AC gear motor to be far superior. The following is a look at some of its advantages.

Size: An AC gear motor is generally smaller and lighter in weight.

Cost: DC motors can be more expensive to purchase and maintain.

Durability: AC gear motors are more rugged, particularly in wet, hazardous, potentially explosive and corrosive environments.

Speed: AC motor speeds are more precise and can control multiple motors, reach speeds of up to 10,000 rpm (or 1000:1) and maintain the ongoing horsepower needed at above 150 percent of the base speed.

Drives: AC drives have tight speed regulation, adjust well to fast-changing loads and, in closed-loop systems, can regulate speeds to within 0.01 and less.

Operation: AC gear motor drives can reach full torque upon startup and work well when you need constant ongoing torque below 50 percent of the base speed.

Energy efficiency: Insulated premium-efficient AC gear motors operate at cooler temperatures than DC motors.

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