7 Tips for Working with DC & AC Gear Motors

Sinotech    August 11, 2014

gear motor In Stahl gegossener Geist VAC and DC gear motors help make applications versatile because they couple the driving shaft to the driven shaft, eliminating the need for chains, separate speed reducers or belts. To help ensure that your DC or AC gear motors perform to the best of their abilities, keep the following in mind:

  1. Use the right size. One of the most prevalent mistakes when working with gear motors is under- or over-sizing. Such an error can compromise a gear motor’s lifespan and efficiency.
  2. Use the specified torque requirement at the gearbox output shaft to determine the type and size of gear motor you need. Once you know the input torque requirement, you can use the motor’s input speed to determine the motor input horsepower needed.
  3. Consider torque when choosing a gear motor. Keep in mind that starting torque and running torque are two separate factors to think about when working with gear motors because gearing and starting characteristics may differ.
  4. Consider the motor type and the gearing’s efficiency to help increase the efficiency of AC and DC gear motors. An efficient gear motor is one that has the right gearing for the application.
  5. Seek expert assistance with applications that have high inertia. When there’s a power failure in a gear motor whose gear train connects loads and rotors, the momentary pause may break the gear train.
  6. Know the gear motor’s system output power. When choosing a gear motor, keep in mind that the motor power specification (horsepower) won’t give you the full picture regarding the actual gear motor output power. The system output power tells you what the resulting gear motor power is after calculating the efficiencies of the gearbox and motor.
  7. Know what causes failures in gear motors. Failures can stem from issues like condensation, excessive loads, improper environments, using the wrong type of lubricant, unstable motor mountings and excessive overhung loads or shock loads.

To make sure you use the right type of AC or DC gear motor, work with an expert. Sinotech can help you select the right gear motor based on your needs or custom design one to maximize the benefits of your application. Contact Sinotech today to learn more.

[Photo by kosmolaut via CC License]
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