Door Motor (with Brush)

  • If the motor parameters are different, the motor performance and its service life are different. Be careful to select the correct motor model for proper use.
  • You must confirm the correct voltage and model when purchase order is placed. Failure to do so may result in incorrect capacitor capacitance which may cause breakdown.

Overall Dimension of Motor (with Brush)

Motor Brush dimension

Allowable Torque on Gearbox

Mode Reduction Ratio Output Shaft Speed Allowable Torque
r/min N.m


1: 8.5 252 1.84/18.8

Motor Performance Parameters

Model Voltage Power No-load parameters Load Parameters Brush life Motor Weight
Speed Current Spd Torque Current


Door Motor

90 60 2150 0.2 1800 3.2 1.0 2000 1.2

Overall Dimension of Motor (without Brush)Door Motor (without Brush)

Motor Brushless Dimensions

Wiring Diagram

wiring (5)

Rotation: When red “+” black “-” , it is clockwise from the end of the shaft extension.

Main Data

1. Basic Specifications: DC24V, 60W, 2500RPM, S1, B Class, IP44

2. Rated torque of bare motor: 0.23N.m. Starting torque: 0.86N.m.

3. No-load noise of whole motor: <52dB(A)/1m

4. Reduction ratio: 1:12

5. Ve: AC600V, 1Min, 5mA

6. Insulation resistance:>100M , 500V

7. Life: 4000h

8. Ambient request: ROHS

Motors described above are typical and can be customized upon request.

Motor Brushless

Motor Brush

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